I'm a quasi-nomad who has traveled through Asia and Oceania, Europe and Scandanavia, the Americas and parts of southern Africa. I frequently travel without concrete plans, having discovered that doing so leads to the most noteworthy (if occasionally hair-raising) experiences.

This site is a shameless vanity project - it's been fun to dig up old memories and photographs. The stories are all true as I remember them, though some omit sordid details while others end rather abruptly so as not to offend the fragile sensibilities of my dear mother.

When not galavanting, I live in northern Vermont and split my years working as a park ranger and freelance software developer. I can be contacted either by email at or by phone at 802.777.6807.

In the Gobi, camels have their own agendas.

New Zealand knocks you over the head with unrelenting beauty.

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